Small Scale Sustainable Sheep Farming Event

February 21, 2015 11 a.m. Northern Woolen Mills, Fosston, MN 

Pre-registration required, $15 adults $10 SFA members children under 16 free

To Register by February 14 contact Alethea Kenney 218-657-2502 or

This event will provide information on raising sheep as part of a holistically managed farm, for meat, milk and fiber as primary or secondary farm products.   The event will be at the Northern Woolen Mills and will connect those farmers wanting to add sheep to their existing operations (or those wanting to start in sheep) with local markets and people interested in products.   It will also focus on providing education and services for shepherds.   There will be guest speakers on a variety of topics related to sustainable shepherding and information available about grants and programs through the NRCS.   A lunch will be served and a tour of the mill will end the program.  

If you are a fiber artist and would like to display your fiber art projects related to animal fibers, or if you have a sheep-related business you'd like to promote at this event, please contact Alethea.

Speakers and bios.
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Gonvick, MN 56644

Phone: 877-487-6040.
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Welcome to Reedbird Farm
Home of beautiful registered Icelandic sheep, where natural health is a way of life.

At Reedbird Farm, we believe that God gave us the herbs of the field for use in food and to keep us healthy and we also believe this extends to our animals. Alethea chose to study traditional naturopathy and herbs to give her a better understanding of how the body uses the nutrition it takes in to stay healthy and how this can be applied from the ground up in the form of healthy soils, lush gardens and pastures and the resultant healthy livestock. See Natural Health or Boreal Balance for more information on her studies and degrees. All of this information has been a fascinating study but also an experiment in seeing firsthand how important living and growing naturally is for health and disease-free living in people and animals. It makes a difference in the sheep, their fleece, their milk, their lambs, their meat, their ability to excel to the best of their genetic potential. It's also in tune with living closer to the land, closer to how we feel God intended us to live as caretakers of His beautiful creation.

The exceptional milking qualities of the Icelandic breed allow ewes to raise twins and occasionally triplets on pasture to a good size by fall while growing that soft silky fleece they are famous for. Icelandic sheep are a triple purpose breed originally kept for meat, milk and fiber and they still perform well in all three categories in the United States. Please see Icelandic Sheep for more information.

We are constantly learning and enjoy hearing from others who are interested in natural health, herbs, Icelandic sheep or other breeds. If you have a comment or question, feel free to drop us a line. We offer other activities on the farm and off so check back under Classes or Articles. Our lamb lists will be posted each summer but you are welcome to enquire about animals for sale anytime.